There's nothing healthier and more satisfying than eating local and seasonal food. And since you're here reading this, I bet you agree with me: THIS is a great year to learn to grow some food.  We all are hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of people panic-purchasing. Maybe you're even feeling some anxiety yourself about the current events and how it will affect your food security. As of today, there's no reason to panic if you commit to making a good plan and preparing to grow some of your own food. I'd love to help you make that plan!


I've been growing a significant portion of my family's food for the last few years on our small suburban plot and I've done a bunch of workshops over the years empowering others to do the same. I've learned a lot and made plenty of plans, and there's one simple thing you should know:

If you make the plan simple, the plants will make the food.

I've designed this live webinar series to do exactly this - help you make a simple plan to put some homegrown food on the table, and now it can be right from the comfort of our quarantine! Each week I'll give you practical instruction and direction, along with online materials and links, to GET YOU GROWING. You can also ask questions during the live Zoom webinars and I'll do my best to answer them. Most of all, I promise to keep it simple so you can get growing some food right away.

I'll be hosting 4 weekly online and live workshops to get you started and help you develop a plan to grow as little or much as you'd like to feed your family THIS YEAR. You can enroll and participate in one webinar OR receive a package discount for all of them.

Each live, one-hour webinar is just $10! Read the weekly options and descriptions below, then register for the webinars you're interested in. I'm committed and excited to help you grow some food!


COMPLETED: Week 1: Grow Some Food TODAY!

The basics to get you started with growing some food

Thursday, March 26 - 7 pm

COMPLETED: Growing Food in Suburbia

Tips, tricks, and techniques to grow lots of food, in a little space

Thursday, April 2 - 7 pm

COMPLETED: Growing Food All Year Long

Planning ahead for 12 months of food, right outside your door

Thursday, April 9 - 7 pm

Week 4: Growing and Preserving Herbs

Herbs are simple to grow & use the whole year long, saving you big $$

Thursday, April 16 - 7 pm


The basics to get you started with growing some food

Monday, April 20 - 2 pm OR 7 pm